Mindfulness & Yoga Classes Willesden NW10

Scaravelli Inspired and Restorative Yoga at Donnington Court London NW10
Yoga Classes in Willesden

Welcome to ThinkFeelBe Yoga Classes!

Teachers Sarah Reynolds and Joanne Harris offer two different Yoga classes. There is a weekly Wednesday evening Scaravelli-inspired Yoga class, and a monthly Sunday evening Restorative Yoga class, both at Donnington Court, Willesden, London NW10. These classes will be supplement with mindfulness meditation classes from time to time but both regular classes offer a mindful approach to yoga. Restorative yoga is a form of mindfulness.

What level are the classes?

The class on Weds eve is open level and a gentle approach to yoga movement making it suitable for all bodies. It is good for overall well-being, mobility and alignment, posture and body awareness.

The monthly Restorative Yoga class is for stress relief, deep relaxation and the healing that comes from this. It is open to everybody.This class does not involve movement and it is largely floor-based using bolsters, blankets and other props to support the body in poses that are held for up to 20 mins. It can be considered as mindfulness meditation involving the body. Poses are easy to relax into positions and are beneficial for mind and body.

More about the yoga taught in these classes

The yoga taught in these classes is not yoga fitness, or yoga performed as a physical workout. Sarah and Joanne see Yoga as a holistic practice which encourages the connection of physical, mental and emotional experience. Sarah and Joanne teach yoga classes that help to connect up the mind and the body in a mindful way. This way of practising yoga helps with overall health and well-being.

Many people feel intimidated by big and impersonal classes of 20+ students in gyms and yoga centres. On the other hand it may feel easier not to be seen in a class! But if you want a friendly class, where you can be seen by the teacher, these classes are for you.

Cost and payment

Tthe price is £12 drop-in for either of the classes. This is normally paid in cash either before or after the class. New comers may be asked to pay in advance for Restorative Yoga as there are a limited number of places available in that class.

If you would like to know more – or find out if the class is right for you – call 07902922671 (Joanne – about Restorative Yoga) or 07947367579 (Sarah – about Weds class).