About the teacher

I have practised yoga and meditation as a student for over 30yrs. My initial classes were in Iyengar Yoga which is a structured and disciplined form of yoga, later moving to a more fluid and intuitive movement practice evolving from yoga as taught by John Stirk and more recently Donna Farhi Different forms of yoga have suited me at different stages of my life and I have been curious about exploring the richness and variety of the practice Рfrom the physical to the more subtle Рtaking many classes in different styles and many CPD trainings  with different teachers.

I have taught yoga since 2005, adding specialist trainings in Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Restorative Yoga to a primary Scaravelli-inspired yoga training. I teach a restorative yoga class based on the training with US teacher/author Judith Hansen Lasater Recently (May 2020) I completed a Pranayama (breathing) intensive training with her online.

My yoga teaching is also informed by an appreciation of Pilates. The attention to detail and safe/healthy movement are compatible with my approach to teaching yoga.

I am also a fully qualified and UKCP Accredited Integrative Psychotherapist & Counsellor seeing clients in NW10 and NW6.