RESTORATIVE YOGA is a 2hr monthly class, every 3rd Sunday of the month 5.30-7.30pm.

Price £15.00 to be paid by Bank Transfer before the class. Please contact Joanne for the payment details.

There will be some gentle and easy movement and breathing exercises before and/or after the restorative yoga practice.

About Restorative Yoga

London is one of the world’s biggest cities.The pace of life is fast. Stress becomes our norm. We try to relax by having a drink, watching TV etc., but these things do not really do much to relieve our deep stress. Our nervous systems are still fired up, like a computer on standby still consuming energy.

Stonehenge Savasana Restorative Yoga Pose

Restorative yoga is a yoga practice suitable for anyone. It is especially good if you are looking to relax deeply and de-stress. We can do restorative yoga pose to re-balance, calm or activate our nervous system.

After a class or a consistent practice students report:

  • feeling very relaxed
  • sleeping better
  • experiencing less stress and anxiety in their daily life
  • managing their energy better
  • enjoying making space for themselves
  • enjoying the mindfulness experience
  • feeling opened up in their body.
Restorative Child’s Pose

The Restorative Yoga taught in this class is Relax and Renew ® Restorative Yoga as taught by US based teacher Judith Hanson Lasater PhD, PT. Here is a link to her website She says that restorative yoga lowers blood pressure, helps immunity and can elevate mood making it good for depression and anxiety (mild symptoms I would say).


The class takes place on the floor and involves up to 5 positions for your body which are supported with bolsters/blankets/blocks. Poses are held for 5-20 mins. Your body opens and the spine is moved into gentle supported backbend, forward bend, and twist positions. 

Supported Reclining Baddha Konasana Restorative Yoga Pose

With this yoga practice you don’t ‘do’ much but the benefits are significant. It may take 10mins the relaxation response to emerge. By the end the class you will feel very relaxed and calm. In the quietness that develops your mind can wander around body sensation, thoughts come and go freely, breathing deepens, emotions come and go. In essence this is mindfulness. At the end of the practice you may feel lighter and much more connected with yourself. From this refreshed place life can look very different.


wear loose and comfortable clothes that are warm. As you settle into the practice the body cools down. You don’t want to feel cold as that will distract you from relaxation. All mats and equipment provided but if you have your own eye bag please bring it.

Contact Joanne on 07902922671.