Wednesday 7.00-8.30pm: currently paused
Yoga for a healthy spine
Yoga for alignment and to lengthen, strengthen and create space in the spine.

The yoga taught in this class encourages embodiment: sensing what you are doing and how it feels. It is not a fast paced dynamic vinyasa style of yoga although there may be some linked movements (vinyasa). This yoga class will help to improve strength, flexibility, breathing and release tension. This way of practicing yoga is a compliment to aerobic fitness and good if you want to work with your body in a mindful way.

You will find there is an emphasis on movements for a healthy spine and core stability, encouragement to link breathing and movement, and instruction for how to breath well. Each class will finish with time spent in stillness and relaxation (Savasana and/or sitting meditation) allowing the mind/body to digest the practice.

Most of us carry tension from the stresses and strains of daily life. A yoga practice can really help to unwind, lengthen and create space in the body and mind. After a day at work or home, this yoga class will help you to get a good night’s sleep. It will not over- stimulate the nervous system. Instead it will balance active movement with a steady directed pace allowing time to breathe and feel into positions. You will feel your energy has shifted after the class but you will be relaxed as well. 


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