Open Level Yoga CLASS: Wednesday 7.15-8.45pm

This class is taught alternate weeks by Sarah or Joanne – see Teachers page.

The yoga taught in this class is called Scaravelli inspired as it is based on principles taught by the Italian teacher Vanda Scaravelli (d. 1999). It is a gentle, slow and deeper style of yoga which can be enjoyed by all students. It helps improve strength and flexibility rather than basic fitness. It is good to do alongside more aerobic fitness or if you want to work with your body in a mindful way. Practicing yoga in this way is about enjoying the detail and working with how you and your body are presenting on the day.

You will be verbally guided into movements, and there may be sensitive adjustments of your posture with your permission, but essentially you learn to feel from within how do the yoga poses.

Most of us carry tension from the stresses and strains of daily life. A Scaravelli-Inspired/Gentle Yoga practice can really help to unwind, lengthen and create space in the body and mind. After a day at work or home, this yoga class will help you to get a good night’s sleep. It will not over- stimulate the nervous system. Instead it will balance active movement with a steady diected pace allowing time to breathe and feel into positions. You will feel your energy has shifted after the class but you will be relaxed as well. There is an encouragement to ‘let go’ and be in the moment.

See this link to learn more about Vanda Scaravelli

SMALL FRIENDLY CLASS  £12 drop-in  All mats and equipment provided.

Contact Sarah 07947367579 or Joanne 07902922671